Project Description

  • Language: Cantonese、Mandarin、English

  • Nationality: Chinese

  • Date of Birth: Aug 21

  • Height: 155cm

Ivy Yu graduated in the translation program from Lingnan University, she is also a dubbing artiste, actor, drama tutor and MC.

She has undergone professional drama training since her high school and got invited by government departments to perform educational drama in various schools.

In 2012, Ivy has obtained London Trinity College Grade 8 (Speech and Drama) Certificate; besides, her team won the Exhibition Award with the highest score in Hong Kong. At the same time, she participated and directed several dramas including being a producer in an annual drama performance.

Since 2016, Ivy has become one of the drama team members of the Methodist Evangelistic Ministry and spreads positive messages in communities through performing in academic institutions, churches and nursing home. Up till now, she has participated in more than hundreds of performances.

In 2019, Ivy has joined One Cool BB Dub Production House as a dubbing artiste and continue her dream in the performing arts industry.

Previous Work


《第十七屆大專戲劇節匯演 – Don’t Ask Me Wine》
《香港教師戲劇會周年公演2014 – 聊齋》


《Symphony of Lingnanians – Closing Ceremony o fthe 50th Anniversary of the Re-establishment of Lingnan University in Hong Kong》

《Lingnan University Research & KT Excellence Awards Presentation Ceremony》

Voice Demo