Course Number:OCBB201905B


Dubbing don’t only work with animation. This course covers different aspects of dubbing, such as dubbing in game shows, travel shows or even talk shows. Our tutor will make sure you will be well prepared when it comes to practice.


  • Understand how dubbing works in talk shows

  • Analyze dialogues in talk shows

  • Apprehend the emotional flow of dubbing

  • Learn how “swindle” works in dubbing


Rocky Lee
Rocky LeeProfessional Dubbing Artiste

Rocky Lee has been working in the dubbing industry since 2004. He has numerous of dubbing experiences such as drama, cartoon, movie and commercials dubbing.

Previous voice acting role: 《One Piece》Sanji, 《Dragon Ball》Goku


Every Monday(4 sessions)

Time:9pm to 10:30pm

Location:One Cool BB Dub Production